2020-9-26 UP!!





この国のためにも祈っていきましょう。新しいリーダーへと移行しようとする中で、主権者なる神様がこの素晴らしい国を導くことのできるリーダーを示してくださるように。これから多くの変化があるでしょう。しかし、イエス様の約束はいつも私の心を力づけてくれます。皆さんもそうだと思います。その約束は、「わたしは、あなたがたを捨てて孤児にはしません」(ヨハネ14:18) です。使徒パウロも同じ約束の言葉を繰り返して言いましたー「何も、私たちの主キリスト・イエスにある神の愛から、私たちを引き離すことはできません」(ローマ8:39)。



主任牧師 タロ・サタラカ

Dear New Hope Family,

I trust and pray that you are doing well. It is hard to believe that this pandemic is still around and affecting many lives. I am praying that all of you are being kept safe in the midst of it all. Though a few of our families of New Hopers had a brush with corona, yet they are on the road to recovery.

Summer is fading quick and Fall is approaching. We again as a family look to God our Father to lead and guide us through this very difficult season to navigate life. I ask of you to keep vigilant and faithful in caring for your families and loved ones. Let us be a source of encouragement in lifting others in our community in prayers before God. We will get through this season.

Be prayerful for our nation that is transitioning into new leadership, that God in His sovereignty makes known a leader that will lead our great nation. There are many changes still ahead of us. But Jesus’ promise has always strengthened my heart and I am sure yours as well. That promise is: “I will never leave you as orphans.” Paul, the apostle echoed this same sentiment when he said; “Nothing can separate us from the Love of God.”

I pray that you will hold the line of faithfulness and usefulness unto the Lord in spite of what we are going through. You are a strong people. You are overcomers, and you are definitely sons and daughters of the King.

Let us look unto Christ always, the author and the finisher of our faith.

Senior Pastor Talo Sataraka

信仰に強く立ち、忠実でいましょう! Stand strong and remain faithful!