Leaders - 加藤 以幸Isaku Kato

加藤 以幸 Isaku Kato

副牧師 / 育成担当ディレクター Assistant Pastor / Director of Edification

牧師の息子として育った以幸(いさく)牧師は、中学校を卒業後ハワイの高校に進学。当時はニューホープ・ヒロに通っていました。高校卒業後オレゴン大学で言語学を勉強した後、日本へ一度戻りました。ハワイのInternational College and Graduate Schoolに在学中に、タロ牧師と真島亨牧師(現ニューホープ横浜主任牧師)と出会い、1998年にニューホープ・オアフのインターンとなります。その時には主にジャパニーズ・ミニストリーで通訳や日本語のリソース作成等を通して奉仕しました。運命の女性のぞみさんと結婚後、二人は1年間ニューホープ千葉で奉仕し、その後ニューホープ東京へ。現在はニューホープ・ジャパンの東北災害支援チームHope Japanなどのリーダーを担当しながら、教会内の様々な育成に従事しています。息子ユージン君と娘ジョイちゃんのパパです。


Pastor Isaku grew up as a pastor’s son, and after junior high went to study in a high school in Hawaii, where he attended New Hope Hilo. After high school, he studied linguistics at University of Oregon, and returned to Japan. Later, while studying at International College and Graduate School of Hawaii, he met Pastor Talo and Pastor Toru Majima (now New Hope Yokohama Senior Pastor), and eventually became an intern at New Hope Oahu in 1998. There, he mainly served in the Japanese Ministry, through interpreting and making Japanese-language resources. After marrying Nozomi, the woman of his life, the two served at New Hope Chiba in Japan for one year, and then moved to New Hope Tokyo. Currently Pastor Isaku is engaged in various training within the church, while being in charge of many roles including the leader of Hope Japan, the Tohoku disaster relief team of New Hope Japan. He is the father of son Eugene and daughter Joy.

Pastor Isaku is known for his calm personality, but there have been reports that he was an active basketball player with dyed blonde hair back in high school.